Raven John Lagrimas

Web Developer

Hallo! I’m Raven, an overthinker, capable of


I’m a full-stack web developer and I mostly do the following:

Currently working at MCN Freedom Tech Inc.. We make tools to help YouTubers grow. Check out freedom.tm, spam.tm, upload.tm, and Heartbeat.

I do front-end using VanillaJS or Angular 2.


I joined a lot of competitions during and after college and here are the things I proudly achieved:

I don’t tweet much but here’s my twitter, @rvnjl. I blog at medium.com/@rvnjl. Here’s my github: github.com/ravenjohn

Checkout how I easily did my website!

Lastly, you can talk to me about anything. I do freelancing. Just leave a message at rjlagrimas08@gmail.com